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How Do Help Desk Services Give a Boost to Business Growth?

It’s true that you must have an unquenchable thirst for success in order to make your business successful. TO make into reality the ideas you are dreaming of, it is prominent to proceed in a way that guarantees longevity in today’s competitive scenario.

“Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
Seth Godin

By and large, those brands that come up with top-notch products thrive. Customers who have invested their hard-earned money in products always want brands to take full responsibility in case issues occur.

As we know, every product may have some loopholes, which are bound to come out and take away your customer’s smile. For businesses, it is indispensable to deliver unparalleled customer support in their hour of need.

Customarily, technical issues in products make customers feel blue. For a layman, solving technical glitches is just like throwing darts in the dark, because if you don’t have the required knowledge, it is not possible for you to do what needs to be done. Here, the salience of helpdesk services snowballs.

Companies operating an in-house helpdesk call center usually become a victim of customers’ wrath. This usually happens because of the unavailability of competent customer centric agents.

Due to a lack of agents’ experience, those companies confront problems related to ticket backlogs, reopening of tickets, customer defection, etc. At last, this weakens the customer base and brings business credibility into question. To cut out technical issues from the root, it is vitally important to have reputed helpdesk service providers like OnlineWebSolutions onboard. We always keep a close eye on crucial helpdesk metrics so that maximum customer interactions end on a positive note. A few of the many helpdesk metrics we track are:

  • Ticket Volume
  • Completion of Tickets
  • Response Time
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Backlog
  • Predicted Backlog
  • Agent Satisfaction
  • Ticket Distribution

How Does OnlineWebSolutions Minimize Ticket Resolution Time?

OnlineWebSolutions has always been known for resolving issues swiftly, no matter whether they are technical or non-technical. Here’s how we dwindle the ticket resolution time:

Efficacious Ticket Creation

The main factor that decides whether you will be able to deliver inimitable helpdesk services or not is how well you create tickets. This is vital because tickets filled with errors always amplify time consumption, and keeping customers waiting for satisfactory resolutions has never been a good practice.

OnlineWebSolutions always makes certain that its helpdesk agents create error-free tickets. Thanks to efficacious ticket creation, we not only exhilarate customer experience but also keep distant from the hassle of ticket backlogs and high resolution time.

A Central Repository of Resolutions

It’s a no brainer that technical issues take time to be resolved, but customers don’t care about this fact as all they want is the prompt delivery of one-stop solutions.

From the business’s perception, solving support requests quickly is significant because if the number of unresolved tickets piles up, odds of attaining high business productivity definitely go against the business.

OnlineWebSolutions comprehends the value of swift and reliable resolutions. That’s why we have developed a central repository of resolutions, i.e. knowledge base, so that the best possible assistance can be delivered during customer interactions.

Due to our good habit of keeping all the vital information at one place, we slash the ticket resolution time and earn positive customer feedback.

Effective Ticket Categorization

Well, an ideal helpdesk practice says to solve issues as per FCFS (first-come, first-served) basis. But this can create a problem for those customers who are in an emergency and want proposed solutions quickly.

At this juncture, the value of ticket categorization gets doubled, because if you categorize tickets in accordance with their complexity levels, the chances of delivering time-sensitive solutions will increase. Hence, a high CSAT score will be on the cards.

To cope with incoming helpdesk support service cases, OnlineWebSolutions has nimble agents at 3 different levels.

Trivial or basic issues are solved at Level 1, while Level 2 takes care of average issues. As far as Level 3 is concerned, only labyrinthine issues are meant to be eradicated by them.

To put it briefly, effective ticket categorization helps us to deliver unrivaled helpdesk solutions and keep the average resolution time in check.

Why Should OnlineWebSolutions Be Chosen for Help Desk Outsourcing?

Helpdesk service operational costs are far higher than normal customer support. Plus, you must have adroit helpdesk agents in a large number to provide impeccable solutions to customers during service interactions.

OnlineWebSolutions has everything from robust infrastructure to avant-garde technology, to a myriad of deft helpdesk agents. In addition, our helpdesk services come at a very pocket-friendly rate.

That’s why the name of OnlineWebSolutions comes to mind when there are discussions of helpdesk outsourcing.

We have exactly what you need for realizing your vision, and share your unbridled passion for success!

Key Differentiators

Exhilarated CX levels

Low response and resolution time

Round-the-clock accessibility

Reduced help desk operational costs

Why Us?

Dealing with technical issues is what customers never want to do. This is so because technical glitches show so much stubbornness while being resolved. With OnlineWebSolutions’s help desk support services, companies can easily provide first-rate resolutions to technical problems. So, join forces with OnlineWebSolutions right away!

Astonishing Benefits of Bagging Our Help Desk Services

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support

  • Good Brand Recognition

  • Flawless Business Growth