Where to enter office product key?

To activate office visit office.com/setup and sign in to your office account and enter your product key for verification.If you do not have account create a new one or you can use your outlook, xbox or skype account as well.

if you want to know detailed steps for activation check - how to setup office?

If you face any issue while downloading, contact our support team.

Where to find office product key?

Office product key is 25 character alphanumeric code which is printed at back of your office.com/setup product card.

Microsoft office

About Office

Office suite is having multiple appplications which is being used by professionals and non professionals.it is a combination of Applications such as Outlook, Xbox, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneDrive, Project and more.With Office setup on your device, you can use these application offline any where and any time.
office 365 setup

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is online suite of all the applications.Frequest travler can use all documents anywhere from any device over internet.To use office 365 user has to active subscription of office 365.
MS Office Setup Support

Office Support

For using office online ( office 365 ) or off line, user needs to first activate office from office.com/setup and than install on their deivce. During complete process there might be issues which prevent activation, download or install. Do not worry we will support you for all steps.

Office Features :

Though Office is having multiple features however 3 features are user centric :

1. Standard Format online and offline :

microsoft office suite
Whether you are using office on your device or online (office 365 ), you will get same experience for all applications. This helps user to use all applications without additional knowledge. Example, if you are using Word document, you will get all functionality on your device and office 365 similar.

2. User friendly approach

user friendly
Office provides both navigational approach and direct shotcut approach. User can directly access the feature by clicking on navigational panel or by just typing some shortcut. This help reducing time however require some practice to remember shortcuts.

3. Detailed Help documentation with in application

User Support
It provides detailed documentation for each application and their feature within application, so user does not need to search anywhere for feature access manual.it also provide the examples and sample data to learn all features of application.

To Manage office subscription go to office.com/myaccount